September 22, 2015

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Approved 10-20-15





SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 - 3:15-5:00 P.M.


Present: President Simon, R. Abramovich, W. Anderson, W. Askew, J. Baker, J. Bell, Y. Bolumole, N. Bunge, G. Burns, R. Caldwell, B. Chakrani, G. Chao, S.H. Choi, J. Christensen, M. Crimp, T. Curry, P. David, M. Dease, B. Donohue, RK Edozie, K. Elliot, C. Loeb (for S. Esquith), J. Farley, B. Feltman, R. Fernandez, G. Fink, M. Kroth (for J. Forger), J. Francese, J. Gaboury, L. Goldstein, J. Wagner (for S. Gupta), A. Weismantel (for C. Haka), S. Hanson, G. Harrell, L. Harris, D. Heller, E. Helsen, G. Hoppenstand, C. Alsup (for J. Howarth), E. Hunter, C. Jackson-Elmoore, S. Jaksa, A. Jamison, D. Jordan, A. Kalis, A. Kepsel, D. Kramer, N. Lafferty, A. Lazarow, J. Litten, C. Long, R. Manderfield, L. Mavar, A. Shaw (for D. Maybank), E. McCallum, M. McGinnis, R. Miller, D. Nails, M. Nair, M. Noel, A. Ogren, J. Palac, J. Porter, J. Powell, K. Millenbuh (for F. Poston), S. Printy, R. Rausch, M. Raven, A. Reed, D. Rivera, J. Rosa, N. Rovig,  F. Salem, S. Sankar, L. Santavicca, S. Kautz (for N. Schmitt), J. Sherry, R. LaDuca (for E. Simmons), K. Sims, C. Smith, L. Sochay, W. Spielman, B. Sternquist, P. Dagbovie (for J. Stoddart), W. Strampel, D. Uekart, G. Urquhart, V. Vermeesch, R. White,  

Absent: Provost Youatt, K. Bartig, S. Carter, M. Chavez, D. Clemons, J. Dulebohn, D. Estry, J. Ewing, E. Ferkany, H. Fitzgerald, J. Fitzsimmons, M. Floer, C. Gall, S. Garnett, T. Glasmacher, J. Goddeeris, D. Grooms, J. Hauptman, H. Hong, G. Howe, R. Hula, L. Kempel, J. Kenney, R.J. Kirkpatrick, D. Liu, X. Liu, R. Maleczka, J. Maurer, B, Mavis, B. Miller, E. Moore, M. Piper, L. Robinson, J. Schwartz, J. Smock, A. Sousa, R. Spiro, M. Sticklen, J. Stoddart, J. Torrez, J. Turner, K. Vaninsky, A. Vaughn, J. Walton, B. Williams, M. Worden, S. Yoder, J. Young, B. Zandstra


    2. Approval of Agenda for September 22, 2015 - APPROVED

    3. Public Comments - NONE

    4. Approval of Draft Minutes for April 28, 2015 – Approved as Amended

    5. President’s Remarks –  Lou Anna K. Simon

The results of the AAU National Climate Survey that were released this week underscores the fact that sexual violence, in all of its forms, is a national problem among our communities and colleges.  The survey results, if you take them at face value, says that we not an outlier.  This is not good enough for us as we need to be an exemplar.  As we work on these complex issues together, we need to have brave conversations about all aspects of these issues, at the same time developing a more supportive atmosphere for survivors of sexual assault in all of its forms.  We will continue to work on these issues.  I encourage you to go to the links to follow our progress on these issues.

The State budget is still in progress and the issue of roads remains a sticking point.  The State has had good success with health care exchanges, which is good for the people in Michigan, but it puts pressure on the 2016 budget.  Michigan has lost about one million jobs in the recession but regained only about 400,000.  This loss of jobs causes pressure on the budget.  In addition, the average income of the population of Michigan has fallen.  The jobs that are being created are not necessarily at the income levels of our peer institutions.  These gaps in the work force, as well as the economic issues, are a major concern for the college environment.  The Governor is scheduling a summit on higher education to address the economic future for higher education in the State of Michigan.

We have primary enrollment estimates of over 50,000 students.  Within the entering class about 30% are out of state and 22-24% domestic students of color.  These numbers fit the targets that have been set for the University. 

We have celebrated the billion dollar mark for the capital campaign.  We have more to do.  Thank you for your continuing support.

    6. Provost’s Remarks – June Youatt (out of town)

    7. The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks – Professor Mary Noel


Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RVSM) Policy Updates, Kristine Zayko, Deputy General Counsel - RVSM Student Guide and RVSM Faculty Guide

Many of you who were on the University Council last year will remember that we did a comprehensive re-draft of our sexual harassment policy and turned it into the RVSM.  Based on our experiences from last year, we made some revisions over the summer months.  The new policy took effect on September 8.  The revisions that were made are threefold: 1) our experiences over the past year identified specific definitions that required clarification and have been included in the policy, 2) we have retained the Pepper-Hamilton Law Firm, experts in Title IX issues, to help us handle cases more effectively, and their recommendations have been integrated in the policy, and 3) at the recommendation of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), we have combined multiple policies into one policy along with some editorial changes.  One of the changes has been the recognition of the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE). Complaints are no longer made to I3 but are to OIE, the designated standalone office that handles all complaints of sexual misconduct.  We have provided a variety of resources that can assist faculty, staff and students in understanding processes that are included in the policies for reporting and investigating.  Please go to the OIE website for additional details regarding the policy.


Human Resources Update, Renee Rivard, Director of Total Compensation Wellness

Open enrollment for 2016 is being conducted during the month of October.  Any changes you wish to make in your benefits program should be made during this time.  Please remember to complete the affidavit for your spouse/partner.  There are no changes to the health plan coverage.  The rates are the same for the Consumer Driven Plan, 4% increase for the Blue Care Network, and about 8% for the Community Blue Plan.  The details will be on-line October 1.  The student health plan shows about a 10% increase in cost. 

Some of you may have received an email from our office requesting that you update your record with social security numbers for your dependents.  The IRS has requested that employers send a 1095 form to their employees that cover themselves and their dependents on the employers’ health benefits program.  You will need that form when you file your taxes for 2015.  This is the mechanism for the IRS to ensure you are being covered.  Please call the Benefits Office if you have questions.

 10. Comments from the Floor


 11. ADJOURNMENT – 3:47

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 3:15am
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