September 18, 2008

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

3:15 p.m., W1 Owen Graduate Hall **


1. Approval of Agenda for September 18, 2008

2. Minutes for April 3, 2008 - A quorum was not reached, therefore, there are no minutes

3. Election of Chairperson

4. Election of Vice Chairperson

5. University Committee on Academic Governance (UCAG) Meetings

6. College Bylaws Review: (will be distributed at meeting)
     a. Nursing
     b. Agriculture and Natural Resources
     c. Engineering

7. Proposed Amendment to Bylaws - Current Status

8. Replacement for Merry Morash to the Executive Committee of Academic Council (ECAC) - At-Large

9. Other Business

Bylaw Attachments
1. Nursing
2. Agriculture and Natural Resources
    School of Planning Design and Construction
    W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
3. Engineering


** Enter through the front doors of Owen Graduate Hall to the entrance of the cafeteria. Just past the entrance to the cafeteria you will proceed through the red doors to the elevators. Just beyond the elevators you will go through another door and follow that hallway to the end. At that point, to your right, you will proceed through another door and down two small flights of stairs to the "Garden Level". Watch for signs to the Secretary for Academic Governance Office (W32). The meeting room is in the same hallway as the Governance Office. If you are unable to locate our office please feel free to call 355-2337 for guidance.

Standing Comm Agenda Date: 
Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 3:15pm
Standing Comm Agenda Status: