Report of the Council on the Review of Research and Graduate Education (CORRAGE)

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 Report of the Council on the Review of Research and Graduate Education

Membership of the Council on the Review of Research and Graduate Education (CORRAGE) and CORRAGE Task Forces at Michigan State University

Research and Graduate Excellence at Michigan State University: An Overview

1. The Pursuit of Excellence

An Historical Perspective
The Challenge of Current External Forces
Federal Support
State Support
Financial Support from Private Sector
International Interdependence
Shifting Demographics
Scientific, Technological, and Intellectual Dynamism
Supply and Demand for Faculty and Graduate Students
The Future of Research and Graduate Education at Michigan State University
Principles Guiding the Approach of CORRAGE to Research and Graduate Education

2. Research

The Value and Purpose of Research
Patterns of Research
The Challenge and the Strategy
Faculty Initiatives
Leadership for Facilitating Research
Department and School Chairpersons and Directors
The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
The University Research Council
Research Support
Relationships between the University and Industry and State Government
Research Support from Industry or State Government
Support for Faculty Involved in Contract Negotiations with Industry
The Relationship of Research to University Outreach
Definition of Outreach
Current Status of University Outreach
Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives: Centers and Institutes
Research Infrastructure
The Libraries
Computer Capability
Grant Application Procedures
Contract and Grant Administration
Other Shared Facilities and Equipment
Ethics in Scholarship
Intellectual Objectivity and Intellectual Property

3. Graduate Education

The Value, Purposes, and Challenges of Graduate Education
The Purposes
The Background
The Challenges
The Structure and Responsibilities of the Graduate School
The Assistant Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
University Graduate Council
Responsibilities of the Graduate School
Graduate Students
Orientation, Mentoring, and Instruction
Graduate Assistantships
Financial Considerations

4. The Faculty

Recruitment of Faculty
Underrepresented Groups
Family Support
Development of Faculty
Enablement of Junior Faculty
Professional Development
Faculty Rewards, Incentives, and Support
Tenure and Promotion
Annual Performance Review
Consulting and Conflicts of Commitment
Salaries and Compensation
Support Services

5. Planning for Excellence

Planning for Excellence at the Unit Level
Evaluations as a Basis for Building Excellence
Rationale for Evaluation
Challenges in the Evaluation Process
Criteria for Evaluation
Self-study and External Reviews
Organization of Clusters of Units for Evaluation
Timing of the External Reviews
Importance of Administrative Support for Research and Graduate Education
Priority Setting at the University Level
Strengthening Faculty and Student Involvement at the University Level


Appendix 1. The Charge to the Council on the Review of Research and Graduate Education at Michigan State University, April 11, 1989
Appendix 2. The Process Leading to this Report