March 17, 2015

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Approved 4-21-15




MARCH 17, 2015

3:15-5:00 P.M.


Present: Provost Youatt, R. Abramovitch, K. Bartig, N. Bunge, G. Burns, G. Chao, M. Chavez, M. Crimp, E. Crockett-Torabi, W. Davidson, P. Dickson, J. Dudziak, R. Edozie, G. Fink, M. Floer, P. Floyd, K. Forrest, J. Francese, R. Hula, X. Liu, J. Maurer, L. McCabe, E. Moore, D. Moriarty, D. Nails, M. Nair, M. Noel, A. Paganini, J. Powell, M. Raven, L. Robinson, J. Schwartz, J. Sherry, C. Smith, L. Sochay, W. Spielman, B. Sternquist, M. Sticklen, G. Stone, E. Strauss, C. Taggart, J. Turner, C. Vermeesch, M. Worden, B. Zandstra

Absent: President Simon, M. Becker, S. Carter, A. Faulkner, R. Fisher, D. Grooms, L. Harris, J. Hauptman, G. Howe, R. Maleczka, E. McCallum, J. Palac, S. Printy, F. Ravitch, J. Rosa, F. Salem, A. Susarla, E. Torrez, C. Traister, K. Vaninsky, J. Walton, C. Waters, S. Yoder

  1. CALL TO ORDER – 3:15

  2. Approval of Agenda for March 17, 2015

    Approved as published.

  3. Public Comments (2 minute time limit per speaker; 10 minutes total for comments)


  4. Approval of Draft Minutes for February 17, 2015

    Approved as published.

  5. President’s Remarks – Lou Anna K. Simon (absent)

    The President is participating in a T-Summit at the Kellogg Center, sponsored by IBM.

  6. Provost’s Remarks – June Youatt

    The T-shaped Student
    .  In a conceptualization of how to prepare students for their lives following their undergraduate education, the vertical line in the T represents the students’ knowledge of their discipline, and the horizontal line represents other skills for success, e.g., team-building, communication, collaboration, and the ability to contribute in an organization.  Employers are interested in programs that are preparing T-shaped students during their undergraduate education.

    At Professor Paganini’s suggestion, the Provost agreed that Career Services should keep the University informed of T-shaped students’ progress a few years beyond their degrees.

  7. The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks – Professor Deborah Moriarty

    RVSM E-Learning Video:
    Selected comments regarding the quality and relevance of the E-training video were presented.  The success of the video is due, in part, to the support of the faculty during its development.

  8. University Committee on Curriculum Report – Professor Anthony Paganini, Chairperson

    Report of Curriculum Actions;
    Professor Paganini moved to accept the report.  Motion was seconded and approved.

  9. Faculty Health Care Council Report – Professor William Davidson

    Proposed Faculty Health Care Center: Professor Davidson discussed the progress of the discussion of a health care center.  Next steps include distribution of the Center’s background with frequently asked questions regarding its programs, followed by a faculty survey to be conducted by the MSU Office for Survey Research.  The objective of the survey is to gain perspective on the opinions of faculty regarding the Center and its programs.

  10. University Committee on Faculty Tenure Report – Professor Laura McCabe, Chairperson – Recommended Change in the Faculty Handbook

    Faculty Handbook Update: Professor McCabe reported on policies regarding faculty promotion and tenure.  One of the main areas of discussion was a clarification of the term “incompetence”.  The current terminology was established in 1999 and needs a revision; but incorporation of the revision awaits changes to other policies that cross-reference incompetence.  The Committee recommends that a working group made up of members of the University Committee on Faculty Affairs, the University Committee on Faculty Tenure, and the Faculty Grievance Officer meet to consider modification of the two existing policies on faculty discipline.

  11. University Committee on Undergraduate Education, Professor Cynthia Taggart, Chairperson – Integrity of Scholarship and Grades Policy – Endorsement

    Modification to the Policy: There is a policy in place that encourages faculty to report student academic dishonesty, resulting in a note on the student’s record.  The committee has been working to update the Integrity of Scholarship and Grades Policy, with advice from the University Committee on Graduate Studies.  The new language makes the inclusion of the note on the student’s record provisional and addresses the process for the removal of the academic dishonesty note under some circumstances, while maintaining the note as a permanent part of the student’s record under other circumstances.

    UCUE Chairperson moved the endorsement of the revised Integrity of Scholarship and Grades recommendations.  The motion was seconded and approved.

  12. New Business

    A member asked if anyone knows how happy or unhappy faculty are with the electronic SIRS forms established several years ago.  Provost Youatt suggested that the appropriate standing committee, UCUE, periodically review the SIRS program and make recommendations based on its findings.

  13. Motion to adjourn at 4:01 – seconded and approved.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 3:15am
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