February 17, 2015

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Approved 3-17-15




FEBRUARY 17, 2015

3:15-5:00 P.M.



Present:  President Simon, Provost Youatt,R. Abramovitch, N. Bunge, S. Carter, G. Chao, M. Chavez, M. Crimp, W. Davidson, P. Dickson, J. Dudziak, A. Faulkner, P. Floyd, K. Forrest, J. Francese, L. Harris, R. Maleczka, L. McCabe, E. McCallum, E. Moore, D. Nails, M. Nair, A. Paganini, J. Powell, S. Printy, R. Raven, L. Robinson, J. Rosa, F. Salem, J. Schwartz, J. Sherry, C. Smith, L. Sochay, G. Stone, E. Strauss, C. Taggart, E. Torrez, C. Vermeesch, J. Walton, M. Worden, S. Yoder, B. Zandstra

Absent:  K. Bartig, M. Becker, G. Burns, E. Crockett-Torabi, R. Edozie, G. Fink, R. Fisher, M. Floer, D. Grooms, J. Hauptman, G. Howe, R. Hula, X. Liu, J. Maurer, D. Moriarty, M. Noel, J. Palac, F. Ravitch, W. Spielman, B. Sternquist, M. Sticklen, A. Susarla, C. Traister, J. Turner, K. Vaninsky, C. Waters

  1. Approval of Agenda for February 17, 2015
    • Approved Agenda as amended.
  2. Public Comments (2 minute time limit per speaker; 10 minutes total for comments)
    • None
  3. Approval of Draft Minutes for January 20, 2015
    • Approved as distributed.
  4. President’s Remarks – Lou Anna K. Simon
    • President Simon said that the strategy for Bolder by Design is not that everyone must do everything but that everyone must do something.
    • Given the nature of the Congress following the election, the early signals are that the budget assumptions are good for FY16.  The uncertainty is for the FY17 budget.  At  state level, early indications were for an increase in support for higher education, but problems arose, deficits in projected budgets having an impact on planning for FY15.  Additionally, the proposal regarding Michigan roads on the May election ballot will affect budget planning.  The Office of Planning and Budgets will continue to work with the University Committee on Faculty Affairs for the remainder of the semester and into the summer months on the issue of faculty compensation.
    • Reported on the progress of the Capital Campaign.  The faculty created the value for the University and is an essential aspect of its the success.
  5. Provost’s Remarks – June Youatt
    • Provost Youatt invited senators to see her slides on creating an environment of faculty and student productivity and success.
    • The Provost announced her selection of a faculty panel consisting of some University Distinguished Professors, Beal Outstanding Faculty Award winners, and named chairpersons who will assist the Provost’s office in the annual review of candidates for promotion and tenure.  Faculty were selected to review the candidates and provide advice (not to vote) to the Provost’s Office.  The process is in place for the current review.
  6. The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks – Vice Chairperson Professor William Davidson
    • The Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy has been updated, as has the e-training video following Faculty Senate discussion. A link to the video will be emailed to all faculty.
    • Faculty Health Care Council (FHCC) has a financial model that will be vetted by independent experts in the field.  Additionally, the Council met with Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) and is creating a survey regarding the Faculty Health Care Center to be distributed in April.
  7. University Committee on Curriculum – Chairperson Anthony Paganini
    • Professor Paganini moved to accept the UCC report.  Seconded and Action: Approved.
  8. University Committee Academic Government– Professor Manual Chavez, Chairperson
    • Motion to approve the slate of nominees for the 2015-2017 faculty members for the Athletic Council. Action: Approved
    • Motion to approve the nominees for the election of Steering Committee At-Large Members for 2015-2017.  Action: Approved
  9. Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering Department Proposal  Endorsement – Provost Youatt
    • Dean Kirkpatrick described the proposal from the College of Natural Science and College of Engineering to jointly administer a new Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering Department with the College of Natural Science as the lead.  This will be one of the first in the country to be a true full-service department and will position MSU in a leadership role in the integration of computational modeling of mathematics in research and education at all levels.  One of the key points in the new department is that it is interdisciplinary with a strong program for joint appointments. The new department will provide an important role in the University’s research mission.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the Proposal.  Action: Approved
  10. Higher Education Commission Accreditation Process 2016 - Kelly Funk, Director of University Assessment, 2nd Accreditation
    • Kelly Funk, Director of University Assessment, gave a presentation on 2016 1- year accreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission.   She said her office is gathering evidence of resource management, engagement of students, and the evaluation of student success.  A review team will be on campus in April 2016.  A key change in the process is that quality standards reflect an emphasis on teaching and learning.  The new process has a large online component and a 35,000 word limit for written reports.
  11. Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI)
    • Dr. Greg Holzman, Associate Professor of Health Programs, gave an update on the Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI).  The mission of the HCI is to develop and maintain a culture of health as a foundation for a culture of high performance.  The presentation outlined the mission of the HCI and a number of the different programs that are included in the project.  Professor John Beck conducted a group task of questions and answers regarding the Healthy Campus Initiative.
  12. Adjournment 4:58
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 3:15pm
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