April 21, 2015

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Approved 9-15-15





April 21, 2015

3:15-5:00 P.M.



Present: R. Abramovitch, N. Bunge, G. Burns, S. Carter, G. Chao, M. Chavez, M. Crimp, W. Davidson, P. Dickson, J. Dudziak, R. Edozie, A. Faulkner, M. Floer, P. Floyd, K. Forrest, J. Francese, L. Harris, R. Hula, R. Maleczka, J. Maurer, L. McCabe, E. McCallum, D. Moriarty, D. Nails, M. Nair, M. Noel, A. Paganini, J. Palac, J. Powell, S. Printy, L. Robinson, J. Schwartz, J. Sherry, C. Smith, L. Sochay, B. Sternquist, M. Sticklen, C. Taggart, E. Torrez, C. Vermeesch, M. Worden, J. Youatt, B. Zandstra

Absent: K. Bartig, M. Becker, E. Crockett-Torabi, G. Fink, R. Fisher, D. Grooms, J. Hauptman, G. Howe, X. Liu, E. Moore, M. Raven, F. Ravitch, J. Rosa, F. Salem, P. Simon, W. Spielman, G. Stone, E. Strauss, A. Susarla, C. Traister, J. Turner, K. Vaninsky, J. Walton, C. Waters, S. Yoder

  1. CALL TO ORDER at 3:15 PM
  2. Approval of Agenda for April 21, 2015 – Approved as amended.
  3. Public Comments – None
  4. Approval of Draft Minutes for March 17, 2015 – Approved as distributed.
  5. President’s Remarks – Lou Anna K. Simon – out of town
  6. Provost’s Remarks – June Youatt

The President is attending an AAU meeting of University Presidents. 

Information sessions established by the Task Force on a Tobacco Free Campus were announced.  The policy will be presented to the Board of Trustees in June with an implementation date in August 2016, allowing a year of transition.

The Office of Inclusion has been responsible for the education, compliance, and investigation of discrimination complaints.  In response to the Office of Civil Rights, many institutions have now established central offices for such investigations.  President Simon has initiated the establishment of a new office to review discrimination complaints, including sexual assaults, and to conduct investigations as needed.  MSU has hired the Pepper-Hamilton Law Firm of Philadelphia to assist the development of processes and procedures for the new office.  The Office of Inclusion will continue to conduct the educational and compliance aspects of the MSU anti-discrimination policies.  Professor Moriarty asked whether reporting would change; Provost Youatt replied that it will, but not yet.

 7. The Steering Committee Chairperson’s Remarks:

Professor Deborah Moriarty thanked all members of the Steering Committee and the Faculty Senate for their participation and support during the past year. 

 8.  University Committee on Curriculum Report (UCC)

Professor Anthony Paganini, Chairperson, moved approval of the UCC report; seconded.  The UCC Report was approved.

 9.  University Committee on Faculty Affairs Recommendations – Professor Phyllis Floyd, Chairperson,

    1. Moved the approval of the UCFA recommendation for 2015-16 Faculty Merit and Market Pool Increase; secondedIn discussion, it was observed that MSU is 14th of 14 CIC universities in salaries for assistant professors, but that assistant professors are ineligible for market adjustments until their fifth year of employment.  Provost Youatt replied that there is concern that chairs may be hiring assistant professors at lower rates than the competition.  Motion carried.
    2. UCFA recommendations for the revised Background Check Policy will be sent to Human Resources for implementation.

10.  End of Year Standing Committee Summaries – Each Standing Committee Chairperson

UCFT – Laura McCabe – A Task Force across UCFT, UCFA, and the administration has been established to continue discussion of the Discipline and Dismissal policies for faculty over the summer.  Additionally, the committee has been working on policies related to extending the tenure clock for the birth of a child; and evaluation and use of Form D in tenure and promotion.

UCC – Anthony Paganini – A three-year project of conversion of undergraduate specializations to minors, or their retirement, was completed.  100% compliance was obtained in the review of undergraduate prerequisites, co-requisites, and restriction, involving close to 4,500 courses.  A definition of “recitation” was adopted for course structure, the discussion of which identified a need to re-examine all course formats. 

UCAG – Manual Chavez – The committee managed the elections for the Steering Committee and the Pool of Faculty Volunteers.  It is currently examining the process of reviewing college bylaws in order to streamline the process.

UCFA – Phyllis Floyd – The committee has been addressing specific policies related to an incident in which a student assaulted a member of the faculty, involving extensive discussion as UCFA moves toward a policy statement.  The committee deliberated on a number of policies related to Human Resources, the CATA contract, as well as budget and salary recommendations.

UCSA – James Conwell – (granted voice) – There was a wide variety of issues related to undergraduate students.  ASMSU is working on programs to improve the circumstances of undergraduate foreign students.

UCUE– Cynthia Taggart – The committee addressed a number of program changes as well as policies related to undergraduate students.  The committee concluded discussions related to the Grief Absence Policy, the Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Policy, and the Integrity of Grades Policy.

11.  Big Ten Standards for Safeguarding Institutional Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics – Professor Sue Carter, Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)

The Big Ten Conference asked its members to share policies and procedures designed to insure that their core principles of intercollegiate activities are properly aligned with the overall educational mission of each university.  The goal was to make sure the Big Ten Universities were doing what they said they were doing regarding the governance of athletics and the lives of the student athletes.  This request provided MSU the opportunity to review its governance of athletics policies.  (See the Standards for Safeguarding Institutional Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics at Michigan State University for details.)  

12.  Professor Mary Noel, incoming Chairperson of the Faculty Senate

Acknowledged Deborah Moriarty and thanked her for her leadership during the past year.  Professor Moriarty thanked the many people that have supported her during her tenure as chair.

Adjourned at 4:20 PM

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 3:15am
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